Are Woodpeckers destroying your home?

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One of the most consistent phone calls we’ve received over the years has to do with woodpeckers and is my house infested with bugs.  These pesky birds are everywhere in Northern Michigan and are a serious issue for hundreds of homeowners.  The call we get usually involves people asking us to come out and take care of the bugs so the woodpeckers will go away.  The good news in most of these phone calls is also bad news in most cases.  The good news is that in almost 100% of cases, there are no insects to be had living and causing damage under their siding.  The culprit is actually the siding itself.  Woodpeckers rely on vibrations in the wood they are pecking in helping them determine if there is a hollow spot under that particular area caused, in their minds, by boring insects.  This is where the bad news comes in.  The only options for stopping the destruction of the home is to find a way to keep the birds away or reconstruct the siding in such a manner as it doesn’t vibrate.  Neither of those options is an easy task whatsoever.  Good luck!