What Are Customers Saying?

If we have worked for you in any capacity and you’re happy with the results and would like to brag about us a bit, we would love it.  Simply enter some thoughts via the reply section at the bottom of this page, and we will consider putting them in this section for others to read.  Thank you in advance for your kind words.

If we have worked for you and you are NOT happy with us or what we did, then please jot those thoughts down as well and send them via the same method.  We can’t improve if we don’t know where we are coming up short.  We also appreciate phone calls or emails expressing opinions and concerns along with any questions you may have. 

Here are a few thoughts from our great customers………..

What Are Customers Saying?


    1. John A. Sheffer says:

      I would like to say I have had Paul, Becky and oh, Andy too— do work at Grey Gables for four years. I would like to say that these people are the “BEST”. They will always call to let me know when they are coming and show up with smiles on thier faces. Job is always done to a class “A” standard. People will ask me why we don’t have mosquito’s around our land—-I tell them because of Wheelocks. I will be looking forward to working with all of you again this year.
      Thanks Paul and Becky
      Big John

    2. Karen says:

      Had Wheelocks come out and spay our house for the first time last year and was amazed at what a difference it made! Also signed up for the mosquito program. I’m ready for them to come again this summer and I keep asking myself why I didn’t have this done years ago!. They always call to say they are coming, And then DO show up. Polite, quick and quiet. Watch the worms fall off the house last year after they left and the worms did not come back to the house at all last year. Everyone…Sign them up. You won’t be sorry.

    3. Peter Makin says:

      We have used Wheelocks services at our home and at our retail store in Suttons Bay. Their annual spraying service is excellent, as is their response time in an emergency.

      The store was plagued with insects and spiders under the eaves. Not nice for shoppers, but one annual spraying and the problem has gone.

      Highly recommended.

    4. anonymous says:

      Just wondering why there are only three comments on your page. You should leave some bad ones up there. Just so customers can compare and contrast. I’m just looking for a good company, and I can’t help but think something is up. I won’t be trying you guys. I would rather go with a bigger company

      • Paul Wheelock says:

        Thank you for inquiring via our website. You are cetainly entitled to your opinion and are free to do business with whomever you choose. That is the beauty of our system. We have hundreds of references available at the asking. If I had any bad comments, I would post them with a response such as this one. Our website is fairly new and is gaining interest and traffic each week, but is still quite small in comparison to some others that have been up and running for quite some time. I wish I could help you more, but you left your comment without a name or contact number. We appreciate folks who have comments, good or bad, to at least leave a contact name so we can have a conversation about the opinion or issue. In any event, have a great summer and thanks again for your inquiry.

        Paul Wheelock

    5. Jo Walker says:

      We would like to thank Tim and Paul for dropping everything to make an emergency visit to our rental cottage……… Even though not a true emergency we appreciate your help and look forward to working with your fine company again…..

      • Paul says:

        We appreciate the kind words. It was a pleasure talking with you and Tim enjoyed getting to meet you in person. We would love the opportunity to provide excellent service to you and anyone you should refer in the future. We have always said that killing insects is by far NOT glamorous or all that complicated, but great customer service absolutely is and that is what we strive to provide. Thanks again for the business as it is always greatly appreciated.

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What Are Customers Saying?

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