Mouse Control

Mice are a real problem in many areas of northern Michigan year round.  They are responsible for an obscene amount of structure fires due to the wires they chew on creating dead shorts and sparks, thereby creating fire.  They are also carriers of disease and destroyers of property inside and outside a structure.  They are, however, easily controlled with the right plan of attack.


We have preventative services available to help keep mouse levels to a minimum by way of feeding them to death on the outside of your structure before they become residents on the inside.  We tend to avoid the use of snap traps as a company due to the added expense to the occupants in paying to have a service technician make repeated trips to the property to empty and reset the traps.  We encourage those living or working there to use this technique as it is very effective, but often times the person hiring us does not want to handle dead mice in a trap.  We prefer to use multi catch traps and/or feeding stations that have the ability to knock down populations drastically over time with minimal call backs necessary.  Once the existing problem is under control, keeping the population of mice to a minimum is rather easy and inexpensive.

Give us a call if we can help in any way with mice.  And remember, mouse poison is deadly to your pets and human beings as well.  Please do not tamper with the stations left at your property without first speaking with the technician who installed them for you.  We have a key that we can leave behind that will enable you to check these stations periodically and let us know if they need to be refilled. 

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All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!   

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