Mosquito Control

If you have spent any time in northern Michigan in the spring and summer, you are no doubt, aware of the problems and nuisances mosquitoes cause.  They have the ability to completely control the fun level of an entire family, outdoor party, wedding reception, barbecue etc.  They can single handedly drive an entire group of people indoors in frustration and anger.  They can also leave you scratching and itching for days or worse yet, send you to the hospital with a virus you didn’t ask for and don’t deserve.

Thanks to technology and innovation, mosquito control has come along way in the past 20 years.  With a minimal amount of pesticide, combined with the proper equipment and training, technicians such as ourselves, can quickly and effectively apply a material to your foliage and/or standing water to halt the development of mosquito larvae and to kill off adult mosquitoes by the tens of thousands.  And we can do this for you for an entire season for the cost of night in a nice hotel.

Most properties have enough foliage for this type of service to work.  We have a 3 month and 4 month program as well as an entire season program for neighborhoods with many properties.  We can also do a one time application to help out with that special event you’re wanting to hold outdoors in beautiful northern Michigan.  If you would like to enjoy the outdoors once again, please give us a call and let us help.

Also, if having another company do this service for you, please make sure and confirm that the technician doing the application is certified in category 7F by the State of Michigan.  This is very important due to the tremendous risk of contamination to our waterways, wells, wetlands etc.  Most pesticides used as an adulticide for mosquitoes are lethal to fish and other aquatic life. There is also the danger of the pesticide drifting to off target sensitive areas if applied during weather conditions not consistent with label requirements.  State certified technicians such as ourselves, have gone through extensive training and testing to be licensed to do this type of work.  As you are aware, there are companies and employees that try and shortcut the system, thereby potentially hurting our precious environment and the reputation of the pest control industry in general.  Always make sure to check the credentials and liability coverage of any service technician coming to your property to do work of any kind.

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All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!   

Mosquito Control


    1. Jerry Dell says:

      We had you treat our yard for mosquitoes WOW they’re gone. thanks
      Jerry and Linda Dell

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Mosquito Control

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