Mole Control

Travel to any one’s home in northern Michigan, especially someone who irrigates their lawn on a regular basis, and you’ll find evidence of moles.  Those soft, long and rounded tunnels bulging up from the lawn are ankle breakers and grass killers without a doubt.

Due to incredible advances in technology we are able to control moles like never before.  Many folks have had to resort to those ugly and clumsy medal traps and spikes that fill their beautiful lawns all summer long.  And without much success I might add.  It usually involves guess work as to where to place those devices and many times, the guess is wrong.

Ninety percent of a moles diet is earth worms.  Bet you didn’t know that.  I didn’t either until a few years back when a detailed and lengthy study of hundreds of moles came out.  The study concluded, based on the stomach content of over 300 moles, that 90% of their diet was earth worms.  The reason being? Protein!  That’s right, protein.  A moles metabolism is incredibly fast and a mole will eat up to 80% of his/her body weight in worms everyday.  The protein is the only thing that can keep the metabolism functioning at such a high level.  A mole has the capacity to dig up to 100′ of new tunnels a day in search of food.   And that is exactly what those soft, ankle breaking runs in your yard are, feeding tunnels.  And here is where the science and know how comes in.  The secret is in identifying which tunnels are being used as active feeding tunnels and placing bait in just the proper location so as to maximize the result.  One bait eaten equals one dead mole.  Sounds easy but it’s actually quite involved and requires an understanding of how moles behave and which tunnels are which.

If you are dealing with moles and would just as soon not have to trip over or remove and replace traps every time you mow, give us a call and we can take care of this problem in just a couple of visits.  We have one time services for the elimination of the existing population and we also have season long control programs.  Please keep in mind that once a mole has been killed, another mole will more than likely move into the existing tunnels.  That’s just good business if you’re a mole.  Moles are very antisocial animals and do not share a tunnel system with anyone except their young.  Once weaned, the young are booted out and its back to just one inhabitant.  I tell you this to inform you that you will more than likely need a repeat visit if your initial problem is early in the season.  This is where the season long program becomes more cost effective.

If we can help with this please give us a call.  Our inspections and consultations are always free.

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