Power Sprays/Spider spray

If your structure, whether it be a home, business, vacation cottage etc, is typically covered in spider webs, egg sacks from various insects or waste from those same insects, we can help.  With a power spray application in mid spring to early summer, we can coat your structure with a strong residual pesticide that will kill insects that crawl on your home with good effectiveness for typically up to 60 days.  This pesticide usually takes about 30 minutes to dry to the point where its not harmful to anything except insects.  On hot days, the drying time will be shorter.  There is no danger in children, pets or others inadvertently rubbing their hands or bodies against the structure as long as the material has dried thoroughly.  If someone or something were to touch the material while still wet, simply wash the exposed area thoroughly with soap and water.  The material is a skin irritant in its wet form and may cause itching. 

Power sprays are very effective in controlling spiders, wasps, ants, certain flies, 

Nursery Web Spider

earwigs, crickets, ladybugs and many other invasive insects.  It is never too late to begin this type of preventative work.  Even if its late summer and you want to get things under control, we can do a power spray, along with some lower level web sweeping to help you take back your home or business from the bugs.  Many companies advertise for web sweeping of the entire structure.  We don’t.  The reason for this is that each customers expectation of what the home should look like when this is finished is drastically different in most cases.  We know that simply sweeping the webs down does not do a thorough job in removing spider tracks, egg residue or the waste from other insects.  This is where the complaints usually come in.  Most folks expect the siding to look brand new when done sweeping.  This is simply not possible with a broom of any sort.  Therefore, we don’t advertise an extensive sweeping and we don’t charge for one either.  The most effective way to clean and maintain the exterior of your home is to have it power washed by a qualified technician and then have us apply a residual pesticide to the exterior immediately following that cleaning.  The results will amaze you and the exterior of your building will be back to looking like it did just after being built or painted, clean and colorful. 

We can effectively spray a structure up to 2-1/2 stories without any additional equipment.  If you have a taller structure we can utilize ladders or even bring in a lift of some sort to hit those tall peaks and eaves.  Pricing for this service varies with the size and scope of the structure.  An average sized home usually starts at around $140.  Commercial and vacation properties have many variables and so each of those is priced individually.  We do not charge for consultations or inspections.

Please know that the materials we use are NOT phytotoxic (toxic to plants) and they are not harmful to birds.  There is not a concern of secondary poisoning with these materials.  In other words, if a bird eats an insect that has been exposed to our material, they are perfectly safe.  Please see our “customer tools” page for things you can do to prepare for our services.

All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!  

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