What about rain?

Rain is a common concern among our customers and the fuel for many questions over the pest season.  Let us take just a moment to put your minds at ease.

The insecticides we use over the course of the summer for the exterior of structures to control spiders, ants, bees, wasps, earwigs and many other insects, has a very strong and solid residual.  As long as the material has an opportunity to dry thoroughly, whether it rains that night or two weeks later, the breakdown will be the same.  Rain and sun are the two primary factors in the breakdown of most pesticides.  And although we do our best to apply in nice warm, dry weather, there are days when it might be a little damp and cool.  Have no worries. We watch the weather forecast very carefully and do our best to not do an application when there is a call for moderate to heavy rains in the 24 hours to follow.  We don’t always succeed at that, however, and are more than willing to come back and retreat at no cost to our customer should that happen.

We are very competent in what we do regarding pest control, but we have our limitations with the controlling of weather.  We do our best, but sometimes it rains anyway.  Part of the package with this type of insect control is dealing with changing weather conditions, summers that may be very dry or very wet, springs that are cold and wet and very long or short and dry, and summers that may last well into October sometimes, thereby increasing the chance of a resurrected infestation.  In short, we do our best but Mother Nature always has her way.

If you feel the application is suffering and not doing what you thought it would, please call us and give us a chance to evaluate the situation and correct it if we can.  Please give us a chance before becoming upset.  We want to and will make sure you’re satisfied with what we did.

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