Power spray/spider-bee-wasp spray

If you are having a power spray done for control of spiders, bees, wasps etc., please make sure all windows are closed the day we’re coming.  Also, if you have bird feeders hanging off the roof line or decking that will be in the path of our spray, please take these down as well.  Any laundry that is hanging out to dry and in close proximity to the structure being treated should be taken down.  If there are fish ponds close to the structure being treated, these need to be covered if at all possible.  At the very least, please inform our staff as to the location of the pond.  If you have pets, they need to be kept inside during our application and for at least 30 minutes after we’re gone.  The wet material around the base of the home would cause their pads to itch should they accidentally walk in it.  Once dry, the pets are fine.  Please make sure all garage doors are closed as these are treated as well.  If you have small children with lots of toys outside, please make sure these are not anywhere near the home the day of our application if at all possible.  We will move a few things, but if there are too many items, we will have to reschedule until the area can be cleared of these items.  If you think a toy may have been sprayed, simply wash thoroughly with soap and water and it will be fine.

All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!   

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