Mosquito Services (all)

If you are having mosquito work of any kind done please take care to do the following.  If the foliage we will be treating is within 20′ of your home or business, please make sure all windows are closed.  Also, make sure all pets are indoors during and for at least 30 minutes after as a precaution.  Children’s toys should be kept in an area away from broad leaf foliage we may be treating.  Anyone working in the yard or garden will need to go inside during the application.  There is not a breathing hazard with this material, although we do wear masks and/or face shields.  We do this due to the material being a skin irritant and wanting to avoid an irritating cough by days end due to the mist being inhaled over several hours.  There is not a lung hazard with this material unless you swallow the liquid itself and it goes down the wrong pipe.  Humans can go back outside and continue with what they were doing as soon as we are finished.  Pets need to stay in at least 30 minutes please, as they will no doubt, wander right out through what we just treated.

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All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!   

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