Inside work

If having us out to take care of an insect problem in the structure such as ants, stored product pests or cockroaches, please take care to do/not do the following.  Please DO NOT spray any canned pesticides you may have in your possession anywhere near the infestation.  This is very counterproductive to what you are hiring us to do.  Often times, we can use a baiting system to feed these insects and their entire colonies to death very easily.  However, if there is a residual pesticide of any kind on any surface the insects may be traveling on to get to our bait, it will cause the insect to avoid that area.  Also, with regard to sprays from the hardware, they are simply contact killers for the most part with very little long lasting residual and will only serve to kill those you hit with it, while deterring others from coming near that area for a couple days, thus rendering our bait ineffective.  The best thing to do, and one that most people are not instinctively able to, is simply…..leave the insects alone until we get there.  This will give us the best chance of identification, location of nest if applicable, food sources, entry points and eventually a workable treatment plan.  We know its hard to watch an ant crawl across the counter without killing it, but please try.  It will make our jobs so much easier which has a direct impact on the size of invoice we leave behind if you know what I mean.  Please DO save us a sample if you can catch one.  This is very helpful for those times when the insects decide to hide the day we are there.

All inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.  Thank you!   

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