Fleas treatments

With regard to treating for fleas, the following are some things that will have to happen on the same day.  As you are aware, fleas are an incredible nuisance and tend to spread very rapidly.  They not only infest your pet(s), they also infest your sofa, beds, carpet etc.  Basically, anywhere your pet(s) spend a considerable amount of consistent time, you will find fleas if you have an infestation.  Therefore, working with our technicians to a tee is going to be instrumental in resolving the problem.  The first thing is the need to treat the entire area of the home that the pet(s) frequent.  This oftentimes means treating the whole home.  Vacuuming, washing all loose laundry such as bedding (both human and pets), cloth covered furniture that the pet(s) get on, and most importantly, taking your pet(s) to the vet and having them treated the same day we are treating the structure.  We use a combination of contact killer and insect growth regulator to treat for fleas.  This kills what is present while leaving behind a very good residual to kill those that were in hiding and stopping the development of any early stage fleas.  This is why we need to have the animals treated the same day.  The very best scenario for complete elimination of the fleas is a broad and multifaceted approach.  Any less and the chance for re- infestation is markedly higher.

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