Environmentally Friendly?

If you have called around or searched some print ads regarding pest control, you have no doubt come across this statement…….”our services are environmentally friendly”.  We would caution anyone hiring a pest control company that uses this tag line, and recommend that you find out exactly what types of materials they use and what the exact meaning is behind that statement, or one like it.

It has been our observation that these types of statements are thrown around quite frequently and are for no other purpose than generating interest and business.  Here is a true and real statement……..”all pesticides are dangerous and potentially poisonous to many living things, us included”.  Which statement do you think garners more interest from a consumers standpoint?  If you picked the environmentally friendly one, you’re correct.

We bring this up, not for the purpose of beating some of our competitors over the head, but rather to remind everyone of just exactly what it is we do.  We use materials, often times synthetic in composition, to kill living organisms, insects being one of them.  At some level, this is going to impact the environment in an unfriendly manner.  The goal of our company and many others is to control the impact of unwanted, dangerous, deadly and damaging pests to the best of our ability with the least negative impact on our environment.  We do this using technology, biology, integrated pest management, exclusion, trapping, baiting and a host of other techniques that are designed to eliminate the problem while protecting our customers and the environment.  Our company, along with many others, actually provides services that are “green” and “environmentally friendly”.  We do this by following label directions, by using many techniques that don’t even involve pesticide use and by helping to educate our customers so that pesticides are not always necessary going forward.  We just choose to do it without labeling what we do as either “green” or “environmentally friendly”.  We don’t use these terms because there is such a broad interpretation of just exactly what they both mean and what customers expect when ordering a service with those labels.  Are they important?  Absolutely.  Are they definable?  To a point.  There is a fine line between being politically correct and being “green” so to speak, and getting adequate results using whatever method is legal and effective.  Afterall, if we don’t take care of the problem and pests that cause disease, pain, suffering, financial stress or even death are allowed to persist, then what ends up being worse?  The application of a pesticide to take care of the issue, or the use of something that is labeled “green” or “environmentally friendly” that gives people a good feeling about what is being done but doesn’t take care of the problem?

Bottom line, if a pest control company is following current treatment protocols for the industry and implementing such things as Integrated Pest Management in their overall service along with following labels instructions, then the impact on the environment is going to be minimal and “green” for all practical purposes.  Often times, the purpose for marketing ourselves as “green” or “environmentally friendly” is really nothing more than a means to generate greater revenues, when in fact, the treatments are similar if not exactly the same as most other pest control companies.  Just beware of these tactics as you choose the company to work for you.  Ask them the tough questions and make them give you details, including the exact material being used.  This is your right as a consumer.  Always remember that pest control, just like everything else, is a business designed to help our everyday lives and to generate a profit for those administering it.  Marketing is a huge part of that process and companies like ours will come up with very creative ideas on how to set themselves apart from the other guys in the book or on the web.  Honesty is always the best policy and one that we are very serious about.

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