Did you know?

From time to time we will add some interesting facts to this page for existing as well as potential customers to read through.  We hope you find them helpful and interesting.

Did you know that 20% of the United States food supply is contaminated each year by insect and rodent infestations?

Did you know that one pair of German Cockroaches, left unchecked in an ideal environment, will turn into tens of thousands in less than a year?

Did you know that people who store bird seed for long periods of time are very likely going to see an infestation of Indian Meal Moths before too long?

Did you know that only the female mosquito bites and sucks our blood?

Did you know that we really do have termites in northern Michigan?  Even right here in Traverse City?

Did you know that all spiders are poisonous?

Did you know that Carpenter Ants DON’T eat wood?

Did you know that the wooden mouse snap traps you can buy at the hardware work the best when they’ve already caught a mouse or two?  So don’t throw the trap, mouse and all, away……..re-use if at all possible.

Did you know that vibration near the nest sets off a yellow jacket anger frenzy quicker than anything else?

Did you know that mice/rodents are responsible for an outrageous amount of structure fires each year.  Why you ask?  They chew the shield material off the electrical wiring, thereby exposing bare wires which often times end up touching each other and creating a dead short and eventually, fire.  At one time I had heard a statistic of as many as 80% of all electrically based fires were the result of damaged wiring from rodents.

Did you know that 45% of all asthma cases in the inner cities across our country are caused by the exoskeletons of molting German cockroaches in the living spaces of those suffering the ailment.  The dried spores from those exoskeletons are inhaled and cause asthma.  German cockroaches will molt their exoskeletons about 7 times before they reach adulthood.  Just imagine how many there would be laying around if there was an average infestation of several hundred to a few thousand roaches?

Did you know that most phone calls regarding issues with woodpeckers DON’T involve an issue with insects in your home, but rather an issue with the type of siding you have.  Woodpeckers rely on vibrations when pecking to determine where boring insects are nesting.  Many of the types of wooden siding have, by design, voids behind them that cause reverberation when hit with the strong beak of all types of woodpeckers.  If the vibration is just right, they go crazy and begin searching for an insect that doesn’t exist.

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