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May 2, 2017 in Featured, News

Rebecca “Becky” L. Wheelock, Died April 26, 2017

Rebecca L. Wheelock
Died April 26, 2017
CEDAR – Rebecca Lynn Wheelock passed away at the age of 48 on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at her home in Cedar, after a 9-year long battle with stage 4 breast cancer.
It is with great sadness and immeasurable grief that I, Paul Wheelock, announce the passing of my precious Becky.  I was able to hold her in my arms as she accepted her graduation honors and was welcomed into glory by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, none other than Jesus Christ Himself.
Becky was born in Traverse City and lived and grew up in the Suttons Bay area, attending and graduating from Suttons Bay High School in 1986.  It was on the way to her high school graduation that I, Paul Wheelock, after having dated her for two years, swung the car into our favorite place and asked her to marry me.  That was the single greatest day of my life.  Having been an honor roll student, a favorite of each and every one of her teachers and always involved in class governing, there wasn’t a single person that didn’t like Becky.
She was an avid member of 4-H in Leelanau County for years where she was involved with raising and learning about many types of animals.  Her favorite by far being the dozens and dozens of goats she got to raise up over the years.
We were married in 1987 and by 1996, Becky was neck deep in raising six amazing sons.  We, well mostly her, made the decision prior to our oldest being born that she wanted to be a stay at home mom and concentrate all of her efforts on raising 6 godly young men who would grow and mature into the very best of both of us.  What an amazing mother she was, home schooling all of them for several years and then being an intricate part of their everyday lives after they began attending public school in Suttons Bay and later, in Traverse City at TC West High School.
In 2006 she helped to launch our very own pest control business in Leelanau County and the surrounding area.  It was her amazing attitude and smile that you could literally sense through the phone that attracted the several thousand customers that have called on us over these past 12 years.  She was the heart and soul of everything we are and did and will be missed by so many in our customer base.
In 2009, after her first mammogram at the age of 40, Becky got the devastating news that she had stage 4 breast cancer, the cancer having migrated to her bones.  Needless to say, after a couple of years it became evident to her medical team and the rest of us that Becky was going to carve out her own statistical path and not settle for the 24-36 month program the national average thought she should have.
She endured so much pain, agony, setbacks and pressure these past 9 years but to anyone who knew her and to my great honor as her husband, she very seldom showed any of that.  Becky’s days were spent doing one thing and one thing only ~ enriching the lives of those around her and loving each of us with everything she had.
Her absence will be something impossible to outlive or get over and her love and companionship will never be replicated.  But knowing she is with her King and her Savior and that I and so many others will see her again very soon, in a very deep and profound way, makes the grief bearable and the heartache survivable.
Becky’s greatest fear and worry these past couple of years as things began to digress, was that she would miss out on the two things most precious to her post motherhood.  Growing old with me and being a grandmother.  Her greatest joy outside of our marriage was knowing that she would have more little ones to spoil and would be able to grow old doing what she does best, pouring her heart and soul into other precious people and watching them blossom and become the very best of who and what she was.  And that is the very thing that makes her passing so unfair and so incredibly painful.  Anyone that knew her knows exactly what these precious grandchildren will be deprived of but also knows what amazing fathers to those little ones her sons will be because of who she was.
Becky is survived by her husband Paul Wheelock, her six sons Timothy (Teia), Andrew (Jessica), David, Stephen, James (Megan) and Jonathon, her parents, several cousins, aunts, uncles and her two precious granddaughters, Araya and Alora, daughters of Tim and Teia.  She is also survived by her brother from another mother, Barry Dunklow.
Becky was the daughter of Harley (Bud) and Roberta Boone (Scamehorn).  She was preceded in death by her grandparents Jake and Bee Boone and Robert and Garnet Scamehorn.
Visitation will be held from 5 to 8 pm. on Friday, May 5 at the Martinson Funeral Home of Suttons Bay.  The memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 6 at Suttons Bay High School with the family greeting friends at 10 a.m.  A luncheon at the school will follow the service.  Your presence would be something Becky would cherish.
In honor of Becky and at her request, she would very much like everyone to take some time over the next few weeks and months, find a rocking chair, slide up next to a loved one and admire some beautiful flowers and then, when you head inside after a relaxing and enjoyable time rocking away, grab your favorite cookie recipe and bake till your hearts content and your loved ones bellies are full.  And when you spot a pretty flower, smell a tasty treat, see a couple married for 30 years or more like us or hear the sounds of happy children, think of Becky and smile.
All of us who knew her and had the amazing privilege of being a part of her life at one point or another are ourselves, better and more blessed because of it.  We’ll see you again sweetheart, but not yet, not yet!
Memorials may be directed to the family.

Are Woodpeckers destroying your home?

March 12, 2015 in News

One of the most consistent phone calls we’ve received over the years has to do with woodpeckers and is my house infested with bugs.  These pesky birds are everywhere in Northern Michigan and are a serious issue for hundreds of homeowners.  The call we get usually involves people asking us to come out and take care of the bugs so the woodpeckers will go away.  The good news in most of these phone calls is also bad news in most cases.  The good news is that in almost 100% of cases, there are no insects to be had living and causing damage under their siding.  The culprit is actually the siding itself.  Woodpeckers rely on vibrations in the wood they are pecking in helping them determine if there is a hollow spot under that particular area caused, in their minds, by boring insects.  This is where the bad news comes in.  The only options for stopping the destruction of the home is to find a way to keep the birds away or reconstruct the siding in such a manner as it doesn’t vibrate.  Neither of those options is an easy task whatsoever.  Good luck!


June 30, 2014 in News

Please take a moment and notice our new phone number……………We are still located in beautiful Leelanau County just a few miles from our previous location.

Our new number is:


                                3831 E White Road Cedar, Mi 49621


May 20, 2013 in News

Congratulations to the following winners of our 2016 prize drawing:
10th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to Brilliant Books in Traverse City goes to Rosemary C of Long Lake
9th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to the Camera Shop in Traverse City goes to Richard C of Glen Lake
8th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to 45 North Vineyard in Lake Leelanau goes to Jeff H of Long Lake
7th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to The Gallery in Cedar goes to Stacey R from Long Lake
6th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to Bella Fortuna goes to William Z of Long Lake
5th place prize of a $50 gift certificate to North Country Grill in Suttons Bay goes to Paul C of Cedar
4th place prize of a $100 gift certificate to Shady Lane Market in Suttons Bay goes to Bob A of Lake Leelanau
3rd place prize of a $100 gift certificate to Boone Docks in Glen Arbor goes to Kay M of Suttons Bay
2nd place prize of a $100 gift certificate to O’brien Foods Grocery in Suttons Bay goes to Jim A of Long Lake
The grand prize winner of $400 cash is Connie A of Suttons Bay……….Congratulations to all!!!

Thank you to all of our awesome customers for your continued business and for participating in this year’s prize contest. We will be notifying everyone via phone as well and will be getting your prizes in the mail this next week. Take care and thanks again.

2013 Spring Prize Drawing!

February 18, 2013 in News

 UPDATE…….The drawing is close and everyone entered has a 1 and 207 chance of winning a prize, including the grand prize of $500 cash.  Now those are some great odds.  Thanks to all who participated and made this a great success this year.                 


We will have 10 prizes totaling $1,000 in May 2013.  To be entered in the drawing simply order and pay for your service(s) prior to April 12thTo be entered into the drawing and take an additional $10 off your service, order and pay for them by March 20th.  To qualify for the top prize of $500 cash, your order(s) must be paid for by the March 20th deadline We are adding an additional incentive for the $500 cash prize… for every person you refer to our company who orders and pays for a service prior to the May 17th drawing date, your name will be entered 2 additional times, thereby increasing your odds of winning dramatically.  Prizes are as follows:

7th thru 10th place prize will be $25 to one of the following: Brilliant Books of Traverse City and Suttons Bay, The Camera Shop and Boones Long Lake Inn, both of Traverse City.

4th thru 6th place prize will be $50 to one of the following: 45th Parallel Café/Candy World, North Country Grille and Pub and Shady Lane Market, all of Suttons Bay.

3rd place prize will be $100 to Boone Docks of Glen Arbor.

2nd place prize will be $150 to Hansen Foods of Suttons Bay.

And the FIRST PLACE PRIZE WILL BE $500 cash money!….(all winners will have option of applying their prize money to their next service(s) with us)

*This year’s prizes are in the form of gift certificates and all come from a selection of businesses that currently do business with us.

STOP!!!! Have a yellow jacket or hornets nest? Don’t do this!

July 30, 2012 in News

If you are dealing with yellow jackets or bald faced hornets traveling in and out of your home or business in the structure somewhere, then you need to pay close attention to what I’m about to tell you.  Do not, under any circumstance, purchase a contact killing spray from the store and proceed to empty the can into the entry point from the outside.  In a matter of seconds, you will have hundreds of angry and offensive stinging bullets headed right straight for the interior of your building……..and guess who else is there?  Yep, your friends, family and eventually….you!

Please give us a call before you do anything so that we can help to keep the job simple, quick and painless for everyone.  Not to mention, much less expensive.  The main reason folks try to treat the nest themselves with store bought insecticides is to save a few bucks.  However, this usually just ends up adding to the cost.  For example, this weekend that exact phone call came to our office.  A well meaning and intelligent homeowner thought that they could save the day and take care of a yellow jackets nest with several hundred, if not thousands of individuals residing in the colony.  Big mistake.  A job that would have taken us one visit to solve and cost them less than $100 ended up taking us 3 visits to resolve and costing them double that.  Not to mention, the unavailability of their bathroom for 2 days.  The yellow jackets were nesting in their bathroom exhaust fan venting.

In May and June being a hero for your family is much more achievable when dealing with these nasty insects.  However, as the summer goes on, especially this year due to spring starting in early March, the nests are very large and very active much earlier in the season and are not anything to be taken lightly.  Take a breath, give us a call and save yourself some frustration, stress and money.  We’re here to help.


June 7, 2012 in News

Nursery Web Spider

Check out our Power Spray section under “Pest Services” to see if a power spray to help control spiders and their nuisance webbing would be of interest.  This is just one of many types of spiders that will make the exterior and interior of your home, their home for the summer.  This particular spider is a Nursery Web Spider so far as we can tell.  It also goes by the name of Fishing Spider or Swamp Spider.  We brought this one home from a job in the northern part of Leelanau County and it measures just over 2″ in diameter.

Ticks….What to be aware of!!

May 29, 2012 in News

We have had a few concerned phone calls regarding ticks these past couple of weeks.  You have probably heard that both fleas and ticks are forecast to be in relatively large supply this spring and summer due to our unseasonably warm winter and lack of snow fall.  Ticks, although tiny in stature, can inflict very large doses of health issues.  To help answer some of those questions we have included the website links to a couple of pages put out by the State of Michigan.  Please read these through and share them with family and friends.  Educated and prepared folks are less likely to have any issues at all with these creatures and stand the best chance of enjoying their summer to the fullest.

Please call our office if you are concerned about ticks or fleas.  We can help with both.  The treatments are reasonably priced, fairly effective and can be done at your convenience.

The website addresses for the information is as follows……..,4579,7-186-25890-75870–,00.html

Worried about Mosquitoes?

March 8, 2012 in News

Take back your back yard!

If you’re wondering how much time you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor activities due to the constant blood donations to the local mosquito population this upcoming season……..Maybe we can help!!

We offer a 3, 4 and 5 month mosquito control program as well as large association programs and one time applications for your special event.  These services are very economical and extremely effective.  Give us a shout and we’ll fill you in on the details.  You can also check out our mosquito control tabs on our website.

Lending a helping hand!

September 30, 2011 in News

If you know of anyone living in Elmwood or Bingham townships, the Suttons Bay, Lake Leelanau or Cedar areas or in northwestern Grand Traverse County who could use some help this coming winter in dealing with snow removal, please pass along our name and number.  We are specifically interested in helping the elderly on fixed incomes, disabled folks or families with mom or dad serving abroad in our military.  We are able to help clean off roofs as well as driveway snow removal.  We have a couple of slots available in our route for each truck and would love any suggestions on folks needing some help.

This service would be provided at no cost to those in need.  We understand the need for the local community to support the local residents.  As part of that community, we would love to do our part.  So, please spread our name around and remember the criteria……..fixed income senior citizens……..disabled folks unable to physically do the work themselves also on fixed or limited incomes and any families with mom and/or dad actively serving in our military.  Thank you for your help in helping us give back to our community members.